Become a member of the 100 club, only £5 a month.


Monthly draw sees cash prizes given out on the 2nd Saturday of each month.


Being a member of the 100 club now includes your club membership for the year.


For details about joining please ask a committee member or bar staff, or else email us either


or fill out an enquiry on the feedback page


March DRAW

£60 14 Les Kershaw

£30 2 Callum Shipton

£20 1 Barabara Sedgemoor

£5 43 Cliff Murrell

£5 49 Paul Ford


February DRAW

£60 33 Alan Jones

£30 23 Nick Pannell

£20 43 Cliff Murrell

£5 9 Iris Nute

£5 21 Jim Everest



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